Ashish Bapat

Here are two of my exciting customer assignments

I am very delighted to work with multiple clients. Two of those are the leading payment provider and the leading bank in Scandinavia.

I work with the payment provider to re-architecture their current IAM-solution in terms of enhancements and upgrades as well as integration of applications into their Access Management solution. As for the bank, I am onboarding different endpoints into their PAM solution.

Both customers have large footprints in their own areas, and it is critical that they provide optimal availability and security. Fortunately, both companies are very open to ideas and we work closely to design and deliver technical solutions and solving challenging problems. We are extremely lucky to have technically sound architects at the customer end and have a good collaboration within the team.

AM and PAM are very critical business components in protecting against malicious activities. I feel lucky to work across the IAM streams and thereby create value for our customers.

The person behind Ashish Bapat

When I am not working, I like to relax watching good Indian movies. I also like cooking and trying different Indian recipes. For me, it is very relaxing and a good stressbuster.

Working in ICY is one of the best things that has happened in my career. My colleagues are very supportive, highly talented and great team players. It feels like having an extended family and I enjoy every moment working here. I am given full support, and I am free to try different things and create value for our customers with the best of my abilities. We have lot of fun with parties, events etc.

Identity and Access Management has always been my favorite discipline, and it provides great satisfaction to be able to assist customers in protecting them from malicious attackers and provide a secure environment for their business.