Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Ransomware attacks and theft of confidential information typically occur due to lacking protection of privileged user accounts.

How do you manage your privileged system accesses?

A privileged user account provides access to a system with more user rights than those granted to a “normal” user account. The best known example is a system administrator or super-user account, but it could also be a system and service account, which not only gives the user access to system administration but also to sensitive data.

Often these privileged user accounts are not managed as securely as they should, due to history, inconsistent or outdated processes or lack of overview and control.

A compromised privileged user account can lead to extensive data leaks and irreparable damage to the organisation’s infrastructure, intellectual rights and reputation, which can result in loss of turnover, market value and sizeable fines, for example in connection with GDPR.

What is PAM?

Privileged Access Management is designed to prevent security breaches by consistently subjecting the privileged user account to more control, proactive enforcement of security policies and targeted monitoring and registration of privileged user activity across virtual cloud-based and physical environments.

At the same time, the user experience is significantly improved thanks to more precise and easier system access, and both the company and the individual using the privileged user account can feel greater confidence that the account is better protected and that its use is documented.

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