NECTAR from ICY Security is an integration component that makes it possible to offer all relevant HR and organizational data that is to be used for the central access control, via a simple unified interface.

An innovative integration platform

NECTAR is an innovative integration platform that supports faster, more robust and flexible integration between user management systems, HelpDesk systems and critical source systems. NECTAR minimizes complexity and makes the systems talk to each other via a simple unified interface

Get the benefits of NECTAR

Get future-proof and automated Identity and Access Management

with simple integration between business-critical systems and your central access management platform.

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The challenges of organizations today

  • Vital data in HR systems, payroll systems and organizational systems are not brought into play in the IT ecosystem
  • Unambiguous authoritative sources of identity and organizational data are not defined
  • Data is maintained in several places, leading to inefficient work processes and wasted time
  • A myriad of integrations are established which must be maintained and which make general application maintenance costly
  • Compliance with legislation, including the GDPR, is made unnecessarily complex

In addition, companies must now live up to increased legislation such as EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some utilities (electricity and gas) must comply with BEK 515 on requirements for IT preparedness.

Briefly about NECTAR

Easy user and access control with integration to critical source systems.


NECTAR offers a shortcut, so you are avoiding having to build your solution from scratch. NECTAR comes with standard connectors, which handle complexity and ensure faster, more standardized and simple integration.


One for all and all for one. Integrations with NECTAR are built for recycling so that others can benefit from them.


NECTAR does not just provide data. NECTAR processes and enriches data; it calculates conditions and validates quality. This helps ensure that you get reliable data sources for your business systems.


NECTAR allows you to look up ALL data, with or without filters and data can be retrieved in bundles / “batches”, or e.g., as a “delta” extract from a given date.


To ensure the best possible standardization, NECTAR comes with a fixed set of data types. NECTAR contains standard data fields “out of the box”, but the data model can be expanded with its own fields and enriched with data from other data sources as needed.


NECTAR delivers the same interface and the same data format to the user management system, regardless of which system is to be integrated with.

One product, several options

How to get started with NECTAR


Identification of needs and preparation of design specification.

Built on experience

To provide solid and secure solutions to our customers, we have made ourselves strong in being specialists in IT security with a focus on business value.

NECTAR is a product of our own experiences and is the result of many years of implementing IGA solutions with our customers. NECTAR helps us to manage the often-inconsistent employee and organizational data and ensures robustness in everything that depends on this data.

NECTAR has helped ICY in delivering value faster and build better solutions for our customers. By offering NECTAR as an independent product, we have made it possible for our customers to achieve the same value at an extremely competitive price.

NECTAR har hjulpet os selv til hurtigere at levere værdi og bygge bedre løsninger for vores kunder. Ved at tilbyde NECTAR som et selvstændigt produkt har vi gjort det muligt for vores kunder at opnå samme værdi til en yderst konkurrencedygtig pris.