IGA – Identity, Governance & Administration

With IGA, you are protected from an otherwise unnecessarily large security risk. Get control of your sensitive data.

How do you control your access?

If you do not have control of your user administration, it can be costly in ineffective processes when your employees e.g. have to wait for days to get the access, they need to do their work. When you do not have control over your users, you expose yourself to an unnecessarily large risk due to too many and too broad access rights.

Successful IGA means that the company’s identities become automated and controlled effectively to the benefit of IT security, the users and the company’s strategic objectives.

What is IGA?

How do you control employees’ accesses and their duration?
Identity, Governance & Administration is effective and secure user administration and protection of your data.

No company is interested in losing valuable business data or sensitive personal data.

At ICY Security, we are highly focused not only on the technical aspects of IGA, but also on the business aspects. This is one of the reasons why we are so successful with our IGA projects.

Get the right IT security and minimise your risks now – we are ready to help.

We are ready to help you both with the design and implementation of processes and technology
– gain control and security with IGA.

Why invest in IGA?

Automated control

of employees’ and consultants’ access to the company’s critical IT systems. Less administration and more security.


Fewer employees for manual user administration processes
Short waiting times for creation of user profiles
Short waiting time for access orders
License savings because employees only gain access to the things they need when they need it

Greater security

as a result of consistent access assignment and “need-to-have” access assignment

Observance of policy

and legislation and more transparent accounting and transaction traces

Greater business agility and value

thanks to effective and fast processes

– How do you achieve all of the benefits of IGA? We give you a professional IGA assessment
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