Who has access to your sensitive data?

Gain control over your accesses and users

ICY Security provides user control that gives business value and security
IAM – Identity Access Management


We have made a resolute choice

We only provide IT security when it creates business value.

An IT project must provide technical value and strengthen the security, effectiveness and monetary benefits – but it is essential, that it creates value for the business strategy and objectives.

We take pride in ensuring that our deliverables satisfy not only the risks and requirements that our customers face today, but also those that tomorrow brings.

No other company in Scandinavia has as many specialists within Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) as ICY Security.

Characteristics of our work:

  • Creates motivated stakeholders
  • Specialist knowledge in each phase
  • Flexibility
  • High degree of professionalism
  • Dynamic
  • Avoids pitfalls
  • Ensures the right IT security solutions
  • Business value
  • Professional consultancy


Why Identity & Access Management?

  • Automated control
  • Savings
  • Greater security
  • Observance of policy
  • Greater business agility and value

You never know who the next target of cybercriminality will be.
We want to do our part to make sure it is not you.

We are ready to help

  • IAM Inspiration Workshop
  • Pre-analysis
  • Business Case
  • Supplier Choice
  • Project Management
  • Project and Implementation
  • Governance
  • Maintenance and Support


Easy user and access control with integration to critical source systems

Get the benefits of NECTAR

Get future-proof and automated Identity and Access Management

with simple integration between business-critical systems and your central access management platform.

NECTAR is an innovative integration platform that supports faster, more robust and flexible integration between user management systems, HelpDesk systems and critical source systems. NECTAR minimizes complexity and makes the systems talk to each other via a unified interface

The challenges of organizations today

  • Vital data in HR systems, payroll systems and organizational systems are not brought into play in the IT ecosystem
  • Unambiguous authoritative sources of identity and organizational data are not defined
  • Data is maintained in several places, leading to inefficient work processes and wasted time
  • A myriad of integrations are established which must be maintained and which make general application maintenance costly
  • Compliance with legislation, including the GDPR, is made unnecessarily complex