About ICY

We create connections between cybersecurity and your daily operations.

Who is ICY Security?

We have many years of experience in IT security, which has made us all the more knowledgeable.
Knowledgeable about what you need to do to succeed – but also about what you should not do.

We would like to share our experience with our customers, and we are ready to help you. At ICY Security, we have a number of specialists in IT security with massive specialist knowledge and a broad range of methods and competencies.

No other firm in Scandinavia has as many specialists within IAM and GRC as ICY Security.

“We want to share our experience with our customers, so your IT security projects succeed.”

– Kasper Ahrensburg, Partner

Successful focus for IT security

To deliver solid and sure solutions to our customers, we have strengthened our specialist knowledge in IT security with focus on business value.

We have four points that we are proud to live up to professionally every day in our work and these are that we are:

  • result-oriented
  • trusted advisors
  • experts in IAM & GRC
  • implementers of value-adding IT projects


  • Specialist knowledge
  • Dynamic
  • Flexible

Trusted advisors

  • The right product
  • Experienced overview
  • We see why

Experts in IAM & GRC

  • Avoid pitfalls
  • High degree of professionalism
  • The right solutions

Value-adding IT project manager

  • Tested IT solutions
  • Support strategic goals
  • Motivated stakeholders


We have structured our deliverables so that we contribute specialist knowledge in every phase of a project. We have done this because a chain is no stronger than the weakest link.

We are a flat organisation, where the drive and interest in IT is palpable. This allows us to be flexible and dynamic and, most importantly, to achieve particularly good results.

The feedback from our customers is testimony to ICY consultants who take responsibility and ownership of the projects and who take pride in delivering exceptional results on time.

We take pride in ensuring that our deliverables not only satisfy the risks and requirements that our customers face today, but also those that tomorrow brings.

As a customer, you will find that the combination of experts you meet at ICY are perfectly suited for precisely your project. At ICY, you don’t just get whoever is available in house – you get the people who are best for the solution you need.

Value-adding IT projects

Our focus on value is a resolute choice to only provide IT security that offers added business value.
An IT project must provide technical value and strengthen the security, effectiveness and monetary benefits – but it is essential, that it creates value for the business strategy and objectives.
When the value is explicit, it increases the project’s success rate substantially. When not just the IT department is committed to ensuring the success of the IT project, but the other departments and management can also see the tangible benefits – that is when the cooperation within the company reaches a higher level.
ICY creates this synergy in our IT projects and increases value for our customers.
Stakeholders are motivated when we can demonstrate how the IT project supports the company’s business goals. It is about more than compliance, control and expense-reduction.

Our guidance on the business value of an IT project boosts it success. We ensure that your technical IT efforts follow and support your business objectives and that the motivation of relevant stakeholders is aroused.

ICY Security – 200% growth in 2019

We have experienced a high level of demand for our services, and our customers include several top 10 corporations in Denmark. We anticipate the same excellent results in 2020.

ICY Security is one of the leading consultancy companies in the Nordics within Identity & Access Management and we have just expanded our business to include information security services.

Our goal is to be the best at delivering pragmatic solutions to our customers.

Trusted advisors

It is important to choose the right system or the best supplier for your company. Therefore, we help you to choose the provider that best covers your needs.
We support you in making the right choice the first time around, so you save resources and reach your goals on time. You get the best solutions that suit your specific needs.
As your trusted IT security advisors, we are focused on solutions that give you concrete value, a competitive edge and security.

The best consultancy comes from the right understanding of your business and the situation you want resolved. We do our utmost to understand the why – that is why we are called I See Why (ICY).

Experts in IAM

No other company in Scandinavia has as many IAM specialists as ICY Security. The complexity of the work surrounding IT security can be high, and therefore we have ensured that we have the in-house expertise to avoid the pitfalls and cross the finish line.

Our team consists of experts who have a long experience and a high level of professional interest. We are up to date in the field and trained in finding the right solutions for our customers.

Our customers

ICY Security has a wide array of customers. We have provided consultancy and projects both to large and small enterprises, in many different segments and with customers in both the public and private sector.